Simplifying Life

Joel and I have always agreed that we’d love to own only the amount of stuff we could fit in our car. Do we really need a bunch of stuff (more than can fit in our car) to be happy? I think Marie Kondo’s book is a great guide to answering this question.

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The Probiotic Question

Aren’t we all wondering this today? Probiotics have had such mass media attention, that we have to wonder, “Do I need these? Are they a fad? And what the heck are they?!”Well my friends, here’s everything you need to know:

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Our Remodel Story

I LOVE “before and after” pics of people’s homes.But I never thought about sharing my own, until a friend of mine suggested that I share a little bit more about my real life....beyond the green juice and detoxing.

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Food, Poop, and My Kid's Brain - Day 17- Mom out of town & Today's lunch

Day 17 -

Have I mentioned this is hard?

I was away this weekend and my sweet and supportive husband was a tad overwhelmed in trying to feed our children.  I don't blame him one bit.

He chose salami wraps, which the boys were thrilled with.  But, did you know that almost every salami lunch meat brand in the store has added sugar?!  I did not.  Now I know.  Disappointing.

Then, he thought he'd do rice cakes since they're "gluten free." Of course he chose cinnamon rice cakes which although are gluten free have added Evaporated Cane Syrup, Organic Cinnamon Sugar, and Organic Caramel Flavor (whatever THAT is.)  Plus they're a processed starch which we're supposed to be straying from.

I say this with NO intention of ratting out my conscientious husband, but with every intention to prove just how challenging it is to feed your kids gluten free, dairy free, AND sugar free.

It's stressful on the parents b/c we don't know WHAT to feed these kids.  Snacks are the hardest.  And with fruit being OUT, (which was my go to,) we're feeling deflated.

HOWEVER, today's lunch lifted me up into the realm of possibility once again:

Coconut meat or Hard boiled egg, celery with almond butter, sprouted pumpkin seeds, turkey and goat cheddar wraps, grass fed beef jerkey sweetened with a touch of pineapple juice and honey (not perfect, but I'm okay with it.)