109 Year Old Man - Never Been Sick!

Okay, many of us would look at a 109 year old man who's never been sick and brush it off as good genes. But then there's Bernando LaPallo, who's lived his entire life by the words of his father, "Health should be your first priority."  Bernando took those words to heart, and eats a diet of mostly fruits, leafy greens, soups, and herbs.  

This got me thinking, could this man be an example of what's possible for us when we really "make health our first priority?"  And what does that really entail?

Just 2 nights ago, my sister-in-law and I had a conversation about how even though we know what's healthy, life happens, and there are just so many reasons that health slips through our fingers.  To really make health and diet our priority, it would take planning, commitment, discipline; it would mean saying no when we want to say yes and saying yes when we want to say no, and really, overall, aren't we just fine?

Not really.  Being tired, drained, overweight, having aches at 30 and brushing it off as "not being young anymore", the fear of getting cancer, or our parents having a heart attack, getting an annual flu...THIS IS NOT NORMAL.  It's what we've silently agreed is normal within our culture because we don't know another way.  But I assure you, it is not our birthright, it is not the way we were designed, and it in no way has to be our reality.

We can create a body that has never looked or felt so good...even AFTER kids!  We can be those people that never get sick, and we can look at the cancer statistics and feel lucky that we knew enough to not be one of them.  All we have to do is decide that's the kind of future we want, and then act from that place.  Every time we put food in our mouths, it takes us closer or farther away from that reality.  And believe me, I don't say this to make anyone feel bad, or have a complex.  It's just the simple truth.  We can change everything today, by deciding that in no way are we going to be brought down by illness, by cultural agreements about aging, or by the perceived notion that chips make us happy.  In fact, it's okay if you're thinking, "But chips DO make me happy."  I totally understand.  Just know my friend, that you have not experienced the kind of limitless, energizing, consistent, complete joy that makes the old reach for potato chips seem dull and lifeless.

Bernand is an example of what is possible when we give up thinking that our joy comes from health depleting American standard foods, and realize that making our health the number one priority, and choosing fruits and vegetables as our staples, brings a whole new level of possibility to our lives.  This is NOT just about not getting sick, or living to be 100.  This is about recognizing that the food we put into our mouths effects our entire lives, and that there is no change we can make that will give us more joy, more clarity, more energy, more love, more possibility, and yes, more health, then becoming present to the choice of real, simple, fresh, whole foods straight from the earth!