3 Ways to Get More ENERGY!

What the heck is energy anyway?! Where does it come from?

We’re trained to believe that a bowl full of pasta, a big juicy steak, an energy drink or a cup of coffee will give us energy.

But we know from experience that what pasta and steak give us is a food coma!

That’s because it take tremendous energy for our bodies to break down, assimilate and digest white, refined carbs and meat.

Energy drinks and coffee stimulate our central nervous system, but inevitably cause a crash, which means using MORE energy to rebalance the body…NOT that I’d pass up a good almond milk latte from time to time.

But, REAL energy comes from clean cells. When our cells are clean, they are buoyant, round, quick moving balls of energy that communicate seamlessly with the rest of our body.

When our cells are filled with toxins, waste, and undigested foods, they get slow, lethargic, oblong and heavy….just like us!

We can return our cells to buoyant and happy little energy balls by literally drawing out the toxins using the alkaline magic of green juice, green smoothies, greens in general! In fact all RAW fruits and veggies clean out our cells!

The second way to get more energy…it’s a no brainer…SLEEP! We need more sleep!

Gift yourself a nap, a 20 minute shut eye in the middle of the day. Or find a way to go to sleep ½ hour earlier. It is medicine for the heart, mind and body….AND so much more beneficial than we realize!

Finally…a quote worth considering from poet, David Whyte:

The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

Sometimes we lack wholeheartedness because we’re simply done with a certain activity, job, club, duty but we haven’t moved on. Sometimes we lack wholeheartedness because we’re stuck somewhere in our minds that’s different than where we are in our bodies.

I can see a lack of wholeheartedness sometimes in the thing I care most about, being with my kids. When I realize this, I refocus on being present, sitting on the floor with my sons, quieting my thoughts, and shifting my awareness to what they’re interested in.

It’s not without resistance, but even the attempt to bring my whole self can open my heart and refuel my energy.

Sending you so much love and energy!