3 Ways to make 2011 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

  1. First thing in the morning…Brush Your Teeth!

    This may sound obvious, but the key here is to brush your teeth BEFORE you eat or drink ANYTHING!  When we sleep our bodies repair and detox, hence the oily hair, bad breathe, and body odor when we wake up.  If we pour liquid into our mouths, it will swish the bacteria from our mouths back into our body.  Our bodies are already overgrown with the kind of bacteria that breeds disease and imbalance.  Our goal is to clean this bacteria out, not add to the problem!  So brush out that mouth, and then flush the body with clean, delicious, health generating water!  

  2. Juice, juice, juice!

    Freshly pressed vegetable juice is the most alkaline, nutrient rich, enzymatic substance we can enjoy!  It gives the body maximum nutrition without overtaxing our already suffering digestive systems.  AND it’s delicious!  Fresh juice first thing in the morning has become my lifeline.  It’s energizing, grounding, and satisfying.  It rids the body of disease producing waste, and nourishes it at the same time.  There are many excuses people make NOT to juice, but I tell you, if you make 1 health change this year, JUICE!  You can buy $100 Breville Juicer, which is a top of the line model.  It’s a small investment for so much benefit!  I can clean my juicer in 2 minutes flat.  And you can keep produce cost down by doing simple recipes like carrot, romaine and apple.  Now, you have NO excuse!
  3. Have a green salad before dinner.

    Leafy greens will help to escort richer, starchier foods through the digestive tract.  The enzymes in the lettuce will also help to digest the denser foods.  This makes a big difference in how much time your food sits in your gut.  The greens will help your dinner go quicker and cleaner.  Plus, the darker greens (spinach, red lettuce) give us calcium and magnesium in perfect ratio, protein, and oxygen rich chlorophyll.  When you’re at home, a green salad is as easy as a pile of spinach with a yummy balsamic dressing, or as fancy as you want to go with your ingredients.  At a restaurant, it’s a small side salad with your dinner.

    Here’s to a tremendously Healthy and Happy 2011!