Avoiding the Holiday Weight Gain!

If you’re like most of us and you are already experiencing the fear of gaining weight, and the heaviness, guilt and exhaustion that can come with this time of year, this email is for you!

Here are 3 things you can do to avoid the “holiday hangover!"

1. Hydrate like a MOFO! 

Have a glass of water WITH lemon.  The lemon will alkalize all the acidity of the holiday cheer, make us feel fuller AND activate digestion.

Drink a glass of water with lemon upon waking, throughout the day and 30 minutes before you eat at night. Make it your religion. 

2. Remember that WEIGHT = WASTE

This means that our fat cells literally expand with the stuff our body has difficulty digesting.  Think coloring, chemicals, white refined flours, sugars, preservatives.

Now, this does NOT mean we can’t have a gingerbread cookie with cute colored frosting.  But it DOES mean, we have to counteract those cookies with the green, living energy that will flush out our systems.

Think green juices, green smoothies, avocado salads.  These living, raw greens give us alkalinity, enzymes, nutrients, REAL energy, AND clean out all the waste/weight. Yay!

3. Add living foods to your DAY, and RELAX at night!

During the holidays, our DAYS can be much easier to control than our nights.  So use your breakfast and lunch to maximize fresh fruits and veggies.

Starting the day with a green juice is your absolute BEST option…even if you follow it with a heavier breakfast.

Save the warm, comforting, sugary foods for the socializing that happens at night.

If you eat super clean all day, then you have all the tools your body needs to digest a holiday party!

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Stay tuned!  Eeeeekkk!

With much love,