EAT and Grow Rich

This is a first installment to a book I'm writing on the powerful connection between food and creating everything you want in life.  I'd love to have your feedback.  Please comment below and let me know what you think!

In 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote his famous book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

While he focused on the natural laws that lead wealthy men of his time to riches, he was clear that his book was a formula for achieving anything one desires in life.  In the light of his brilliant contribution to creative manifesting, I propose that there is yet one more tool that we have yet to maximize.  By embracing this final piece, we rapidly accelerate our ability to manifest our desires.

There is something we do everyday, multiple times a day that has an untapped energy we’ve forgotten about.  EATING.  Our diet is the missing component in aligning with our purpose, in realizing our greatest creative potential, in manifesting our wildest dreams, and in tapping into the Source that connects us to everything in the Universe.

Napoleon gave us the formula for the work of the mind, and I propose the formula for the work of the body that will rapidly increase your ability to manifest.  When we cleanse our physical body using high frequency, plant based foods, our body is clear, our mind is exponentially more powerful, focused, and sharp, and our cells vibrate with the Source Energy inherent in plants.  Peace is our natural state, and the obstructions of doubt and fear dissipate.  We become unstoppable manifesters and our intuitive wisdom gets so clear, that we cannot do anything BUT create the lives we so desire. 


In 1905, a man by the name of Albert Einstein discovered a formula that would change the world’s understanding of the natural laws of the universe.  E=mc2 proved that all mass is made up of varying vibrations of light waves.  It opened the conversation for scientists to acknowledge what Eastern Medicine, Ancient Tradition, Theology, and Natural Healers had known for centuries; that there was a unifying energetic field of light waves that made up not only our bodies and minds, but connected us to everything in the Universe.  

Since his discovery, the advances in both Quantum Physics and Vibrational Medicine have been astounding.  More recently there has been a rise in interest in how these natural laws apply to the Law of Attraction and Wealth Consciousness. As a nutritionist, I have come to understand how this hundred year old discovery completely shifts the paradigm of how we see food, and how essential food is to our ability to both align and manifest with our greatest potential.  

While Nutritional Science has identified many of the chemicals that make up food, there is, according to Einstein, a much more powerful element than the individual vitamins and antioxidants.  As he taught us, everything is made up of light energy.  The more living something is, the more light energy exists.  So the more raw, and organic a piece of food is, the more light energy it delivers to us.  We are what we eat.  As we consume more light filled, energetic foods, our cells and tissues are filled with light, and we become energetic beings aligned with the Source Energy that makes up all things.  Our power to manifest increases and we become a magnet for what we want to create.  

This concept is not about being raw or vegan or adopting any kind of diet based on dogma.  It IS a concept that asks us to expand your view on the power of foods.  It is a concept that  gives us  more access to the Life Force that is within, and the Life Force that connects us to everything so that we can attract all the riches, the career, the family, the facilities, the backers, the collaborators, the airplane tickets, the car, the man, the peace and ultimately the LOVE we so desire.  By creating at your Highest Creative Potential, you will be living your best life, and benefiting the world with your expanded, light filled being.