Favorite Juice Recipes

Okay, since I'm fully in juice mode on Day 2 of my juice fast, here are a few recipes I love...

Natalia Rose's Green Lemonade
2-3 Heads of Romaine or 2 Cucumbers
2 handfuls of Spinach or 5 stalks of Kale
1 green apple (or NuNaturals liquid Stevia)
1 whole lemon
1 nub of ginger (Optional)

Carrot Deliciousness
2 pounds of Carrots
1 head of Romaine
Tons of Cinnamon (more than you think you need)

Today I juiced the Carrots and Romaine and then blended the juice in a blender with ice and cinnamon. It became frothy, and helped the cinnamon to dissolve really well.

Watermelon Lime Mocktail
(Serve in a Wine Glass for best results)
A few pieces of Watermelon with the rind (great for chlorophyll)
1 Lime with peel

The colder the Watermelon, the better.

Assume all fruits and veggies are organic. When juice fasting, other great options are water with lemon and NuNaturals or KAL liquid stevia, hot broth, herbal teas, and Coconut Water (best straight from the coconut.)

Anybody have any other great juice recipes? Would love to hear them!