Food, Poop, and My Kid's Brain - Biohazard Alert!

So, I received the stool test in the mail:


It's complicated, to say nothing of the fact that I must collect my child's stool.  Notice the "Biohazard" warning.

No matter what kind of mother you are, there is no way that one can collect stool without momentarily separating your brain from your body.  Figuratively, not physically.

I had to control my mind so that I didn't have a gag reflex, and so that my child didn't think it was a big deal.  I succeeded, which is a major win.

Day 1 - Collected!

Now we need to collect 2 more days of samples.  I say this while separating my mind from my body again, because if one were to connect the 2, the thought of doing what I did today for 2 more days makes me want to quit right this second....again.

But my mind wants me to tell you that this stool collection is important.  It will give us the information we need to either quit now (please God,) or move forward with this gluten free, dairy free, sugar free life.  I have a feeling the stool will unapologetically ask us to continue.  However, there may be more information to justify the HOW we go forward.

Stay tuned!