Food, Poop, and My Kid's Brain - Day 2 - The good and the bad!

Okay, so we haven't OFFICIALLY started applying the diet/protocol.

Today, I justified a "clearing out the pantry" day. I let them eat the watermelon, the organic cereal, the Z-bar with oatmeal icing, while I conveniently avoided any REAL changes.

The good news is, I DID actually add in more of what we'll be eating ON the protocol: more berries, coconut meat, roasted chicken with homemade guacamole.

The really bad:

  1. A couple times a year I crave doughnuts. Today was that day. I ate 2. Darn it!
  2. We had a special playdate with the kids today that had been on the calendar for awhile and included gluten free pizza, pineapple/mango juice and gluten free cookies.  Darn it!

SO, sugar? Absolutely, and a lot of it! Maybe we're all subconsciously entertaining our last supper. But then I think, "Come on Nat, get real!" This is life. This is what happens.

How am I going to consistently apply this protocol to MYSELF let alone a grouchy, hungry kid who wants sugar and carbs, could care less about a "healing protocol," while his friend eats a gluten free pizza.  Darn it!

But the truth is that there IS a way. People have gone before me and transitioned their kids with incredible results. So I reached out to the BEDROK community ( to hear their stories. All I needed to read was this, from a Mom with an Autistic daughter:

The second day (yesterday) our daughter was very happy, she ate millet with coconutcream and stevia and was interested in a doll for the very first time. Also new: she hugged me again and again and gave me kisses. But the most stunning “little” progress was, that she flirted with the cat. She has NEVER been interested in him, she pulled out his fur to happily look at the flying hair, at the most. But this time she crawled around him to look right in his face with a big smile. I almost fell off the couch, it looked like she wanted to play with him!

If SHE can do it, I can do it!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to be extra vigilant, and up my "meal planning" skills - never a strength of mine! (Deep breath)

In the meantime, I'll celebrate the little wins, like my Young Coconut Kefir is coming along. It's supposed to ferment for 2 days and turn milky white. Check it out....Woohoo! (Don't pay attention to the underwhelming volume.  Darn it!)