Food, Poop, and My Kid's Brain - Day 4 - The Kefir's Ready!

We have officially begun, and we're off to the races!

The kids both enjoyed 2 tsp. of Coconut Kefir today (Colton had 4 tsp.)

And I realized that if I can focus on the first part of the day as being totally gluten/casein/sugar free, PLUS adding in the Coconut Kefir, then if the afternoon falls apart a little, or there's a curve ball, I'm not going to freak least this week.

I'm taking this ONE DAY AT A TIME.

The Coconut Kefir is reported to make the biggest difference in healing kids' guts and balancing the brain.  So I made a huge 2nd batch today, and we're committed to Kefir as our morning routine.

Here's Colton's first taste:

Here was the play by play of our food today.

Berries and green juice for breakfast, and the boys seemed perfectly happy with that.  (Phew!)

For a snack we had carrots and more berries.

Then for lunch, Colton had roasted chicken with veggie soup and Killian had a big bowl of homemade black beans.  (Beans are supposed to be avoided on this protocol, but I can only focus on removing so many things at once.  So for now....beans are staying in.)

Afternoon snack was raw cashews.

Then we met up with Daddy after work, and being that it was a Friday night, I caved and we all had a treat at Peet's Coffee. The boys had almond milk hot chocolate - definitely against the no sugar rule.

For dinner, Killian had chicken with homemade guac, and Colton enjoyed a big bowl of sweet potato. (Sweet potato will eventually have to go....but not yet!)

Honestly, I feel pretty good.  We made some great effort and progress today. Having a day with no gluten, no casein, and just a little sugar is an accomplishment!

As I day at a time.