Food, Poop, and My Kid's Brain - Day 5 - The Weekend!

I should have known that weekends ALWAYS present more of a challenge.

Combine lazy mornings with family get togethers, unstructured days, and a glass of wine, and the protocol becomes more challenging for all of us!

Luckily, I think we scraped by today.

Both kids started with their lemonade kefir.  I think Killian actually finished his.

Then our fam came over this morning for breakfast, and usually that means our favorite whole grain pancake mix.  Instead we made eggs, sausage, and berries and except for Colton sneaking in a slice of watermelon, Kilo remained sugar/gluten/casein free.

Later Killian complained he was hungry and when I suggested more Applegate sausage, he complained and said he wanted something else, like an apple.

It felt very weird to deny my kid an apple, since I usually silently fist pump when my kids voluntarily choose the living nutrients of a raw food.  On top of that, I was encouraging him to eat meat instead...very weird.

He complained some more but finally did have another whole sausage. (Yes!)

Colton had some coconut meat as an added snack, and then we got in the car to go visit their Mimi and Pops.

After the hour drive, they were pretty hungry and I didn't have a sugar/gluten/casein free snack prepared.  But their Mimi had some beautiful grapes set out, and they were thrilled!  I let them enjoy the beautiful fruit, from their beautiful Mimi, in her beautiful home.

Killian then found some nuts.

For dinner Mimi made a delicious homemade chicken soup.  She kindly left the noodles out for us, and both boys had a good bowl.  (Dinner, check!)

Colton followed it up with some coconut meat and then the little Dickens snuck in a couple pieces of Mimi's dark chocolate.  So to keep things even I let Killian have 1 piece.  Lame.

Pretty good day overall, but I can see that weekends need a little more prep in order to stay dedicated.

I'm reading up on the next step now....Cultured Vegetables.  Basically, homemade saurkraut, which I can't imagine my children eating readily.

But here we go....