Food, Poop, and My Kid's Brain - Day 8 - Lunches & Breakdown!

Good news - We're figuring out how to pack a school lunch with no gluten, no sugar, and no casein.

 Kiwi, carrots, humms, corn chips, turkey wraps, coconut meat, sprouted pumpkin seeds

 Kiwi, carrots, humms, corn chips, turkey wraps, coconut meat, sprouted pumpkin seeds

Bad news - Killian was pretty upset this morning.  He walked around the kitchen crying and telling me that I needed to go grocery shopping.  He asked for cereal, toast, chips (notice the carb trend?)

And finally, the low blow, "This is all just because you're a Nutrition-a-list!"

This is a small punch to my gut.  It's one of my fears.  With one quick swing I went from confident Mom "doing everything right," to the laughing stock of the cool crowd.

I've always been the weird Mom.  The one that fed my kid green juice, coconut meat, quinoa and goat cheese.  The one who didn't allow hot dogs or candy or McDonald's or even Wheat Thins.

Both my loving Mom and Mother-in-law work hard to make sure they have what we need when we visit, and I'm sure have bit their tongue so many times it's surprising they still have one.

I've had a very compliant first kid.  But every once in a while he get wise.  And I get insecure.

It seems so "all American" and "normal" to have pancakes, sausage and cereal, peanut butter and jelly on white or even WHEAT bread, tacos and meatloaf.  And MAN those would be easier foods to fix.

Instead I find myself up late last night hacking through coconuts to make living probiotics.  I have a jar of pink cultured veggies fermenting on my counter, and my kid is crying this morning because he's hungry and has decided that I need to go grocery shopping.

Is this a total fail?!

Then I take a deep breath.

Killian's behavior is in alignment with what the BEDROK community calls "die off." It's how you know it's working.  As the yeast and bacteria begin to die off in the gut, it creates symptoms.  These symptoms can be everything from cravings to tears.  This morning, we had it all.

At least I hope to God that's what it is, "die off," and NOT that I'm just a terrible Mom depriving my kid of food he actually enjoys, setting him up for sequestering himself into a closet somewhere with a bag of junk food, and becoming an adult who tells stories of his "weird, granola mom" while he stuffs satisfying amounts of McDonald's fries down his throat.

Lord God, help us!