Food, Poop, and My Kid's Brain - Intro

Even though I'm a nutritionist, and I've been feeding my family pretty clean, healthy, and upgraded foods for years, this is the first time that I'm applying a specific diet protocol.

My question is, can we strengthen my son's brain, by strengthening his gut?

Research is showing tremendous promise that when we systematically heal the gut, the brain and body come alive.

The evidence of Autistic children who, with diet changes alone, are no longer on the Autistic scale, is particularly fascinating to me.

My oldest son has a rare genetic diagnoses that effects the brain.  But it's time to step it up.

We are hoping that by healing and  strengthening our son's gut, we can help to strengthen his ability to process information, engage with the world, and make appropriate choices.

I will also be looking for subtle shifts in his physical body: coloring, facial fluid, muscle tone, bowel movements, chronic dermatitis, and carb/sugar cravings.

Even though this is my passion, I am nervous.  There are so many challenges from pizza nights to Halloween, to vacations next month, to social get togethers, and packing lunches.

This protocol calls for some serious shifts.  What will this look like, and how will I do it without my son and I both losing our shit?!

Here we go.....