From Veggie Garden to Urban Farm

Okay, so I got a little excited. At first we just wanted to grow our own food for the first time ever. But then I dug up the whole front yard, and realized that the soil wasn't ideal for nourishing little seedlings. We sat with a big hole in our front yard (and multiple complaints from the neighbors) before I decided that maybe I could nurture the soil a bit. I mean, we HAD been creating a compost for the last 6 months. Why couldn't I just dump a little natural fertilizer into the soil and make a garden?!

I threw some compost in, borrowed a thingy to till the soil, and then waited......and waited....and waited (more complaints from the neighbors). I didn't know what to do next. I knew I wanted organic seeds, but I didn't know where to find them (i know, i know, the internet!). Until one day I stumbled upon an incredible Organic Seedling Vendor at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. I purchased 2 boxes of all kinds of seedlings from Hayground Gardening, and went home to do some planting.

Well the boxes sat on my patio for a couple weeks, because I didn't feel like the hole in my front yard was a good bet for a first time gardner. So right before the little seedlings looked like they were going to wilt away, I mustered up the determination to plant them in pots all along my patio. At least there they'd be safe, and have good fresh soil to grow in.

A few days later I walked out to the hole in my ground, and low and behold, it had sprouted. There must have been seeds in the compost, because now we actually had something resembling some kind of squash growing in a garden plot I'd given up on. I figured if the soil could nurture an unintentional squash, then this was the place for all my squash family plants to thrive. I built some mounds and planted cucumbers and pumpkins.

Now everything is thriving! We are so excited! In fact, tonight we made a salad from all homegrown greens, and we ate with proud grins, and lots of patting each other's backs. Truth be told, we got really lucky, and I think any slightly experienced gardner would agree. But we're still taking credit!

And to top it all off, we bought 2 little chicks for Easter who are loving our little patio. Our 4 year old named the hens Bert and Ernie. Hopefully we'll have eggs soon. The chickens roam around the sunny patio during the day, and sleep all cuddled with each other in their safe little coop at night. (Notice the picture of the sweet little coop my talented/sexy husband designed and built with his brother. Love it!)

So to sum it all up, 1 Experimental Veggie Garden becomes 1 Urban Farm, and this farmer couldn't be any happier!