Green Juice Recipe & Juicers Explained

Welcome to Making Love in the Kitchen, my series dedicated to bringing the love, joy, and spice into clean living!  It's about simplicity, practicality, time efficiency and DELICIOUSNESS.   You'll find all kinds of ways to create healthy, mouth watering yumminess, for you and your family and friends so that you can fall in love again with feeding your spirit through the heart of your kitchen.

When I started this lifestyle almost 3 years ago, I started with this green juice recipe from my mentor, Natalia Rose.  Since then it's become my morning routine and I'm so grateful.  Green juice is the most cleansing and most alkaline substance we can put in our bodies.  It delivers all the nutrients you need for the day, AND gives you tons of live enzymes which help to break down the food that you'll eat for the rest of the day.

Plus, if you're just starting out and feel confused about juicers, I break down what you want to look for, and what my favorite juicer is.

Finally, there's only one way to enjoy the true fabulous-ness of your green juice....which you'll see at the end.  :)

Enjoy, and please let me know YOUR favorite juicing recipe in the comment section below.  I'd love to know how you get creative with your juice, and possible feature you and your recipe on an upcoming episode.

Happy juicing!