Here's What to Pack for Lunch!

I’ve been having so much fun writing to you again!  Thank you for all of your lovely emails in response!

This week, my big boy Killian (Kilo) started school!  What a fascinating journey it’s been for his Momma!

After years of thinking and researching about the very best forms of education, here we are putting my boy in the local public school.

And for so many reasons, I am humbled!

Who knows how it will turn out, but I can tell you there’s been great joy around here in the fact that we get to walk him to school as a family, in his excitement to be independent, and in the knowledge that we are following our guts…however similar or dissimilar that may seem from our intellectual assessments.

But I tell ya’, it’s not without moments of fear.

So to add to Momma’s stress this week, I realized I had to pack him 5 lunches a week that would be REAL whole foods that he’d actually eat!  Ahhhhh!

Thank God for our great resource Natalia Rose.

I also had a wonderful woman on my radio show who shared some of these great tips:

  1. The main course doesn’t have to be a sandwich.  Try quinoa pasta with marinara, or an egg frittata, or leftovers from diner.
  2. Kids love to dip.  Think chips with guac, carrots with hummus, or bell peppers dipped in an “upgraded” salad dressing.
  3. Check out the “raw” section of your health food store for a goodie you can include once or twice a week.  Raw “southwest ranch style” kale chips, raw chocolate, raw cocoroons.
  4. Dessert can be a real piece of dark chocolate, or a Kashi cookie, or a chocolate Kind bar.
  5. Try chocolate almond milk instead of sodas or juices. Or water flavored with real lemon, lime, orange, or berries!

The key to feeding our kids well is to remember the magic word, “upgrade!”  When we know what they like, we give them the best possible version of that thing!

If you know any Moms who need some lunch inspiration, you may want to forward these resources on.

And let me know what your most pressing questions are!  I’d love to answer them in the next newsletter.

Meanwhile I’ll be trial and error-ing my way through a new chapter of parenting and feeding my big “School” kid.  I’ll keep you posted.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,