How a salad can be Oh, Oh, "O" so good!

One of the cleanest meals we can have is a big, raw salad.  For most people, "salad" elicits a less than enthusiastic response.  Even for those of us who like salads, it seems like a lot of work to create one or they're just plain boring.

Let me set the record straight.  Today I took about 20 minutes and made the most incredible salad!  A head of romaine, some packaged herbal greens, tomato, avocado, and then 2 of the best fall fruits: persimmon and pomegranate seeds.  The dressing was simple: lemon juice, garlic, a little olive oil, S+P, and stevia.  

I went out on our back patio to get a little sun, and as I started eating I couldn’t believe how good it was!  I looked at every bite and relished in the fact that live plants tasted so damn good.  It was beautiful, creamy, fresh, and flooding my body with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and bliss.  Between the total satisfaction of this homemade concoction, the warm sun, and the silence, I was starting to feel off the charts happy.  I actually started to visualize my husband walking out and making love to me right there in the sun filled, concrete patio surrounded by telephone wires and pomegranate seeds.  Seriously!  It was THAT good.  You’d think I was eating a tub of chocolate ice cream, but nope!  Just fresh, water filled, perfectly combined fruits and vegetables from the earth.  

This kind of experience is all of our birthrights.  As we start to cleanse our bodies, we become sensitized to the incredible natural energy of real food.  And it doesn’t have to be complicated or have a million hard to find ingredients.  I make meals like this all the time and my rules are it has to be convenient, easy and take 30 minutes or less.  Once you start eating like this, you’ll never want to go back!

Sending you love and "O"-bundantly delicious food experiences,