How Does GREEN JUICE Lead to SUCCESS?! Check it!

I’m so freaking passionate about how food and detox changes lives! When I think about all of the improvements people experience from just shifting the way they eat, I want to dedicate my life to screaming it from the rooftops!

(I kind of am…minus the rooftops.)

In order to succeed in life, we have to experience a shift in ENERGY!

It takes mental and physical energy to make new choices, break old patterns, and set ourselves up for success!

All of us have an idea of how we want to succeed. We may want to drop 10 or 50 lbs., we may want to start a business, or go on a trip, or start a family. But to try to get there from here can feel like trudging uphill through a river of molasses.

This is where one of my heroes, the Master Tony Robbins nails it…(again.) He brings people who want to succeed to Fiji where they detox for 7 days. They start with a liquid juice diet, and end up eating raw foods. Their level of psychological energy, physical energy, and clarity around achieving their life goals is phenomenal.

By taking “massive action,” as Tony Robbins repeatedly advocates, they set themselves up for a whole new way of living.

But you don’t have to go to Fiji to detox or experience new energy.

You can do it right where you are! And there are so many options….

You can juice fast, eat raw foods, juice all day and have a warm veggie meal at night….(that’s the one I’m doing right now and it feels oh so good!)

The KEY is to give your body a break, and flood it with nutrients and real energy. This will put you in a different state of mind. From there, anything and everything is possible!

The 1 thing you need to succeed?! RENEWED ENERGY!

If you’re game, try a detox, and see where it takes you!

With much love,


P.S. If you’ve ever experienced the kind of changes that come with detox, you know how awesome the power of foods can be! I’d love to hear your experience below.