Want to get real about your health? Answer each question with 1-5. 1 being the least, and 5 being the most. At the end, add up your numbers and divide by 10 to see your assessment below.

  1. How rested are you?
  2. How much of your diet is made up of plants?
  3. How often do you take time to connect with something bigger through prayer, meditation, journaling, reading, nature walks or other spiritual practices?
  4. How much fresh air and sunshine do you get regularly?
  5. How often do you have bowel movements (1 is less than once a day, 5 is more than once a day)?
  6. How healthy do your spine and joints feel? (Do you feel like you need to see a chiropractor or masseuse? If yes, use 1, and if no, use 5.)
  7. Have you processed buried hurts or traumatic events? (If yes use 5, if no use 1)
  8. Are you surrounded by people you love and people that love you?
  9. Are you actively listening to the voice inside that wants to do something, create something? This could be knitting a scarf, or creating a business, or journaling daily, or making meals from a place of inspiration and love for your family, ie: Creative Expression
  10. How often are you moving your body? This can include any kind of exercise including walking, dancing, rebounding, running, etc.

Health Assessment

Need help immediately

These 10 questions reflect the 10 areas that connect to produce optimum health and a disease free body. If you scored a 1 or 2, then your body and mind are over burdened and can easily breed disease, depression, and the inability to heal itself. Time to reconnect! Reccommendation: Choose 1 of the questions above and get some good advice on how to turn that area of your life around. Once we start with one area, we create such relief that healing can be like a domino effect.   You have so much potential, and from where you are, the smallest of changes will lighten your load and give your body the signal and the momentum to start healing!

Time to Upgrade

You know what to do, and now it’s time to dial it up. You are on the fence between degrading health and the ability to soar. Take 3 areas that you know you can change immediately and improve them even 1% a day over the next year. From where you sit, you have a HUGE opportunity to completely shift the direction of your health. Will you invite more of the same, or through small, focused changes become more than you ever thought possible?

Living Olympics

You are nailing it! Keep it up. These 10 areas are your source of optimum health, clear thinking and the ability to contribute to the wellbeing of this world. The healthier you become, the more people will want “what you’re having.” Keep it up. Great things lie ahead!