I'm Pooping More!

Yay!  This is the best part of getting cleaner.  You start to actually poop more often.  This means my colon is getting stronger, and my body is becoming more alert and alive all on its own.  Amazing!  

It is so imperative that we are pooping once for every meal.  Let’s do the math:

If you’re eating 2 full meals (say lunch and dinner) a day and having 1 bowel movement, that’s 1 meal that’s still sitting in your gut.  The next day you have 2 meals and another movement, that’s 2 meals sitting there.  The next day you have 2 meals and 1 movement again, now you’ve got 3 meals in your gut.  You get the picture.  

As our waste sits in our intestines at about 98.6 degrees, it continues to pile up, and begins to ferment.  This means that the bad bacteria in the waste start to proliferate, running ramped and killing off the good bacteria.  Well guess what our good bacteria does?  Only EVERYTHING  important!  These amazingly powerful little guys make Vitamin B (you know the one that everyone gets injections for now?), and are a HUGE part of our immune system, killing off dangerous bacteria and viruses and keeping us healthy!  

When we’re not going poop one time for every meal, we are creating a body that simply can’t thrive.  We cannot ward off illness, and the waste creates bacteria, fungus, and as a bi-product, carbonic gas, which all gets into our blood and wreaks havoc on the entire system.  Not only physical symptoms ensue, but the gut and the brain are directly connected.  Waste in the gut inhibits serotonin production, which causes depression, negativity, sadness, irritation.

Now, for all of you men who think you’re hot stuff cause you poop like a rockstar, let us take a moment to recognize the source of your god given blessing as “male” to have such beautiful “oomph” factor…Testosterone!  This is truly a blessing, but not enough to protect you.  The problem is the crap you’ve been putting in your mouth for 20, 30, 40+ years.  THAT stuff is still in there and has also wreaked havoc in your gut.

So my friends, with diabetes being projected to be 1 in 3, and overwhelming amounts of chronic disease, and cancer around every corner, we must look at what is really going on here.  Like the soil, our intestinal bio-terrain is suffering.  We need to detox the overgrown yeast and bacteria, and repopulate our guts with those all protective little bacteria dudes.  This means stop putting shit in our bodies, detox, and probiotics.  And I’m not talking commercially made yogurt.  I mean real, alive probiotics that you can feel within minutes of eating them.   Tomorrow I’ll be posting a video on the BEST way to get your probiotics!  So so good!

Now go get your poop on!