Is anti-aging for real? I think so!

As I approach my 39th year of life, I have never been more seduced by the promises of youth and beauty made by the makeup counter, the botox needle, or the cosmetic industry.

I, like many of my women counterparts throughout the ages wonder, "Is there a way to turn back time? To reverse aging and restore a youthful glow?"

Of course, whenever I find myself wondering about the mysteries of the body and mind, I turn to the work I know so well. Could there be a clue in deep cellular cleansing?

Synchronistically I found myself in the middle of reading my mentor Natalia Rose's latest book, Forever Beautiful.

In it, she outlines a new perspective on aging.

She asks whether the times around the sun should dictate the function of our bodies. She argues that perhaps it's not years, but the accumulation of substances (processed food, medication, toxins) and stress that clog our systems and stagnate our energy, leading to slow degeneration and rapid aging.

Not to mention the expensive creams and makeup that are full of the toxic accumulation we're trying to avoid. (Guilty!)

She then gives us great hope by reminding us, as she has in all of her books before, that all of this accumulation is reversible. If we have the inner motivation and the courage, we can reverse the damage, and ignite a natural regeneration of our cells and tissues.

This inside out anti-aging formula can wipe away bags under our eyes, sagging skin, cellulite, stiff bones, chronic fatigue and foggy head - the very symptoms of "aging."

The fountain of youth is in our hands.

THIS is a formula I can get behind.

The truth is, I eat lots of clean, living foods, and I am committed to a lifestyle that supports my body in ridding itself of toxic overload.

BUT, I also have allowed myself to be very much IN this world. Though it's not my every day, in any given week, you can find me eating less than ideal foods from a burger, to fries, to ice cream, even a scotch on the rocks.

However, for quite some time, I've been feeling the desire to turn up the volume. To take all of this information I have gathered and really put it to the test without any interference.

I've hesitated to commit to anything so drastic because I believe in "The Art of Clean Living," a path of making health a real lifestyle, and not some dogmatic diet.

I also really like a good scotch on the rocks...and a burger....and fries.

But alas, my vanity has won me over. If I can reverse what seems like sudden signs of aging in my face and body, then I'm on board! Show me the way.

And most importantly, I want to answer the question for myself, "How good can this human experience really get?!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to graceful laugh lines and hands that look like they've DONE something in this life. But if I can retain a youthful glow, a disease free body, a sharp mind, and a joyful, mischievous spirit, all while eating the best that this earth has to offer, and spending more time in Self Care, I'm in!

So, I'm on day 3, and I've got all the signs of a good cleanse: headaches, energy swings, and a deep, grounded knowing that if I have the courage and perseverance to answer the call and continue the work, then at the very least, I'll have more experience to share.

Botox needle, here's hopin' you've got nothin' on my green juice and enemas.....let's do this!

With much love,