It's Not What Goes IN, It's What Comes OUT

Our current agreement about health is that our state of illness, wellness, weight, energy, beauty is a result of what we put into our bodies.  While you’ll never catch me without an opinion about what goes in, I would like to suggest that maybe even our billion dollar wellness industry is missing the point.  What goes in is only relative to what comes out.

Here’s what I mean.  When our bodies and minds are not working efficiently, it is because there is some blockage in the system.  Something, somewhere stopped working the way it was designed to work.  Some kind of obstruction has prevented cellular communication.  

Let me take a step back.  Every process in our body is a result of an electrochemical communication between cells and their membranes.  Healthy cells are round and flexible.  They are indeed created by the things we ingest.  Over time, as we ingest more and more crap through our diets and our environments, our cells begin to reflect it.  They become flatter, oddly shaped, and more stagnant.  This shows up on the outside with the development of all kinds of symptoms and ailments, not to mention aging.

When we have symptoms, our automatic response is to address the symptoms by putting something IN to our body.  We take an aspirin, change our diets, slather on a cream, start a supplement routine.  But none of these things will ultimately make us healthy because the problem is not that we are suddenly lacking aspirin, or kale or CoQ10 in our diets.  The problem is that for years and years we have been putting shit IN that doesn’t belong.  When our cells start to be made of this crap, the cellular communication takes a major hit, and slowly, we start to see the effect.  Aches, allergies, inflammation, headaches, digestive issues, weight gain, depression, acne, infertility…all kinds of health issues come up.  

This is where detox takes center stage!  When we get the crap out of our cells, the cells communicate better, which means our organs function better, which means entire systems function better, which means our bodies function as they were designed to function…optimally!  So many health issues have proven reversible with detox.  Get the shit OUT, and the body knows what to do.  It makes all the stuff we put in, while important, secondary to cleansing the body.  In fact, a clean body needs very little, if any, supplementation.  It works just fine, thank you very much.    

Cleaning our cells DOES start with what we put in, but only as a precursor for colon hygiene.  This is where the real shit comes out…literally of course.   Colon hygiene, either with a professional Colon Hygienist, or through a home enema kit, gently cleanses the colon, sending a message to the rest of the interconnected cellular system, “Move out!”  The toxins, bacteria, fungus, and gas pressure getting stored in our bones, tissues, brains, cells now has the ability to move towards the colon for elimination.  When this stuff starts coming OUT, true health and vitality begin to emerge.

Putting whole foods and vegetable juices IN our bodies creates a broom like effect, sweeping up all the crap in our cells and getting it ready for elimination.  Colon hygiene assists our bodies with this gargantuan clean up duty and prepares the path for the next load.  

I didn’t quite grasp the amount of stuff stored in our bodies until I talked to, read about and heard from colon hygienists that the people who juice fast and get regular colonics have the most amount of poop come out of them!  It’s dark, and gassy, and non stop.  That’s because these people are cleansing so thoroughly that their bodies are actively releasing what’s been stored in the cellular infrastructure for decades.  These people are known to experience incredible health and most notably to me, outstanding mental and emotional clarity.  

I can’t say enough about detoxing.  Obviously…you’re reading my blog.  But it has to be done right.  And detox is not a detox if the shit ain’t comin’ OUT.  What comes out is way more important than what goes in.   It’s got to be addressed, otherwise, what goes in will never make the kind of impact it could make if it were going into a nice clean body!