It's So Much Simpler Than We Think It Is!

Happy New Year!

Okay my friends, let's get real about health.  Because THIS is the year we will embrace the simple truth that health is actually in our hands, and FINALLY see the results we've been looking for.

We live in a country where things like low energy, fatigue, depression, slow weight gain and even cancer seem normal.  We feel like, to some degree, we're sitting ducks.  Either age or heart disease or cancer is gonna get us, and by our 40's we feel justified in our aches and pains.  Complaining about a body or a metabolism or an energy level that isn't "what it used to be," is met with nodding heads and the reassurance that whatever we're complaining about is normal.

But I'd like to challenge that.  I'd like to propose that the normal and natural course for our bodies is to in fact feel amazingly well into our 70's and 80's.  I'd like to challenge that fatigue and weight gain are normal symptoms of aging, and instead suggest that they are premature signs of deterioration.  And we do not have to experience them.

All we have to do is to remember the very simple fact that human beings were designed to eat from the earth.  That means fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs, seeds, nuts, and water.  THESE are the foods that pack in the nutrients, the antioxidants, the cancer fighting phyto-chemicals, the oxygen, the hydration, the enzymes, the alkalinity, the good fats, the bio-available proteins.  THESE are the foods that make us well, keep us well, and restore balance to our bodies and minds.  AND they can be simply chopped, mixed, ground and combined to be out of this world delicious and satisfying.

Your health, your wellness, your vitality does not need to be a mystery!  You do not need another health professional or practitioner to diagnose anything.  The beautiful thing about eating this way is that a diet rich in real foods REVERSES disease.  Our bodies are just waiting for us to flood our cells with the healing powers of these foods so that it can get the aid it needs to fight disease, ward off viruses, regain its energy and return to homeostasis.

A truly radical and rational approach to healing!

Therefore you are fully capable of healing your body and mind starting right now.  In fact I'd like to pose a challenge to anybody with any symptom ranging from headache to specific diagnoses:

You are 30 days away from a miracle.  All you need to do is change your diet.

This does NOT mean deprivation.  This does NOT mean eating less.  This does NOT mean becoming raw, or a vegan, or a vegetarian, or an extremist.

What it means is if you want to change how you feel, then your answer is at your nearest Trader Joe's.  Your local grocery store has all the medicine you need in its produce department. Your prescription is to do something you do everyday: Eat.  Just eat real food.

And if you're not ready to embrace eating real foods as a lifestyle, then consider ONE thing you can do to add more raw living foods into your diet.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Start everyday with a homemade fresh green juice
  2. Find out what a treat a daily green smoothie can be.  Relish in the flavors of pineapple, coconut, banana and berries mixed with a handful of baby spinach and a splash of almond milk and ice
  3. Upgrade your breads to WHOLE grains or sprouted grains
  4. Commit to having a green salad to load your body with enzymes before dinner
  5. Consider the practice of food combining
  6. Try eating fresh fruit until lunch.  Think a half of a cantaloupe, or bananas and strawberries drizzled with raw honey.  Have a crispy apple on the road and grapes at work

There are so many ways to make one step to revive your diet and enjoy it!  Choose something that sounds good to you and stick to that 1 thing!  Reassess your goals and go from something that sounds hard and overwhelming to something that sounds simple, energizing and doable!

Because this year, let's do away with lofty ideals and diets based on deprivation.  Let's forget about detoxing only to retox.  Let's just face the simplicity of what it will take to regain our health and make one tiny step in that direction.  THIS you can do.

With all my love,