My Morning Ritual

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Why can’t I just make healthy eating stick?!”


“I should have never stopped that cleanse. I was doing so well.”


“This time I’m NOT going back to the way I was eating.”

……only to find that you do?!

We all find ourselves getting “off track,” but I call it just being in “The Dance.”

When the goal to eat healthy becomes a commitment for life, then we can accept that we’ll be eating healthy MOST of the time, but not ALL of the time.

When we accept that Life includes foods that aren’t part of our ideal protocol, we’ll start to observe ourselves eating those foods in various situations and for various reasons: tradition, psychological attachment, everyone else is doing it…either way we LEARN our habits, triggers, and what we REALLY enjoy versus what we can live without.

Once we learn about our habits, we can choose WHEN we want to eat clean and when we want to allow for indulgences.

Is it everyday, on special occasions, socially? The point is that WE start to create the DANCE for ourselves.

We ditch the dogma, the diets, the deprivation, and we start to allow for Life to look not perfect, but pretty darn good.

And the key to allowing freedom and indulgences is creating some non-negotiables. Not dogma, or rules, but habits that bring us alive.

For me, it’s my MORNING RITUAL.

I start with tea or coffee and then my ACE in the hole: <em>green juice</em>.

Having my green juice changes the trajectory of my day. I am grounded, energized, feeling alive, I naturally want more of THAT.

Funny enough, the opposite is also true.

Start my day with toast, and I want more carbs, more grains, more heavy, dense foods. I find myself wanting to cocoon, rather than CREATE!

What’s your dance? And would a Morning Ritual help you live MORE of the life you want to live?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Here's to feelin' alive this week!

Much love,