Name Change

So while I did enjoy the “balls out”, dirtier blog name: “You’re Full of Sh*t!”, my softer side recognized a hardness that although I wish was more of who I am, doesn’t really tell the whole story.  It’s like when I got a pager at 16 and wore really baggy jeans.  I was pretty convinced that I was “hard”, but my syrupy smile, blonde hair and braces weren’t quite gettin’ me “respect”.  But “The Art of Clean Living”, now that’s something I can get behind, and so should you…here’s why:

“Clean bodies, clean butts, clean lives” that sums it up!  When we eat clean, and clean out our butts, our lives get cleaned up too!  Health, happiness, and clarity are yours.  You organically find empowerment over how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically.  YOU determine how often you get sick, YOU determine how much you weigh, and YOU determine how happy you are on a regular basis.  It might sound outlandish, but it’s fantastically true!

Here’s the other thing:  This lifestyle, and the search for health is much less a science than it is an ART.  It is a dance of eating clean, falling off the wagon, eating clean again, listening to your body, becoming deeply in tune with your body, finding your limits, pushing past them, indulging, giving yourself a break, all the while peeling back layer after layer, and feeling and looking better and better.  The goal is to make this dance one of authenticity, grace, wisdom, and humor.  Once you learn the steps, your artful dance begins.

Once you start putting clean food into your mouth, you naturally shift your body from having to jump through hoops to keep you going, to a place of easily keeping you balanced and organically filling you with energy.  As you learn more tools, you’ll learn how YOUR body communicates, and you’ll know how to give it what it needs.  When this happens, real transformation happens, and you’ll see changes in all areas of your life.

“The Art of Clean Living” is a journey of health, happiness and finding your truth.   I hope that when you’re ready, you’ll jump on board.  It’s a ride that may start with wanting to lose weight, or preventing colds, or just feeling better, but ends up putting you in touch with your most authentic, most clear, most vibrant self.  It’s the art of living your best life ever!  Woohoo!