Pullin' out the Big Guns

I'm sitting, giddy in my dining room, thinking about the big box that's in my garage. Inside this box is something I've been thinking about for a long time. Its one of the most powerful detox tools available to us. It clears heavy metals, mercury, and toxins from our cells. Let's just say it's big time!

Before I got into this lifestyle, I thought there was no way I could enjoy eating clean, do colonics regularly, and I certainly thought anyone who would put a SAUNA in their home was extreme, over the top, crazy. Well my friends, I've officially gone over the edge...and I LOVE it!

The crazy thing is, the deeper I cleanse, the more grounded and in touch with my truth I get. And as life gets clearer, our world is looking more and more insane. As a culture we are so afraid of getting sick. We are cowering in fear as if any moment anyone could be stuck by a heart attack or cancer. All of this as I watch teenagers consume pizzas, fast food, sodas, and frappacinos. For decades of our lives we have been eating chemical laden, inflammatory, nutrient void food, and then we expect to not gain weight and be healthy.

I have great compassion for our culture, because we haven't really been taught how the whole food-connected to our health-thing works. We think we can either eat what we want, or be on a terrible, uninspiring, diet where we're starving, irritable, and never really achieve the health results we want anyway. But this is just what we've been taught. Its not the truth.

The truth is that our bodies are unbelievable, thriving, powerful, healing machines if we would just get out of the way. Cleansing is about getting out of the way. It's about ridding our bodies of the years of waste we've accumulated while stuffing our faces with foods that many times we thought were healthy...chicken wraps, wheat bread, pasta, milk, cheese, rice, crackers, veggie sandwiches on sourdough bread. The problem is we started making calories more important than simply considering the ingredients.

So here we are, in a country that is getting fatter, sicker, and more depressed everyday, while consuming more prescription and over the counter drugs than ever before.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So...it's time for the big guns. It's time to get the old waste out, so that our bodies and minds can do what they were meant to do, and thrive! Hence the big sauna waiting to be unpacked in my garage. I'm on a mission to see just how good getting clean can feel, and how good life can be!