Redefining Detoxification

DETOX, DETOXIFICATION, CLEANSE, these words have become hot topics over the last few years.  However as with most topics in the health industry, 1 piece of truth gets marketed, distorted, processed, until the original truth is lost and all that's left is hype and misguided, though well intentioned, messages.  

Detoxification is the removal of all waste, and its bi-products in the body.  What's left is a clean body that works exactly as it was designed to work.  It thrives naturally.  It is balanced, energized, healthy.  Mental clarity, joy, peace are the norm.  This doesn't happen with powders, supplements, and cleanses in a box.  Though well intentioned, and not totally useless, these products don't provide long term health.  In fact they give us this idea that we "detox" only to "re-tox", and that a little relief to the system will give us some kind of lasting benefit.

Real detoxification happens when we take stock of where we are, and then intelligently apply a cleansing diet of whole foods, combined with specific techniques that get the toxins OUT of our bodies such as colon hydrotherapy, body brushing, infrared saunas, and sweating.  It's only when the toxins come OUT that we are freed from the intrusions that prevent us from experiencing free flowing energy, mental clarity, vibrancy, and ultimately what the experience of being in a human body was meant to be.  

Total and complete health is all of our birthright.  The further we get from nature, the sicker we become, and the more we forget how to return to balance.  However, the pendulum is swinging and we are starting to remember that we forgot.  As a culture we are aware that there is a missing piece in this whole health care system, and the missing piece is the way we approach health!

Wherever you are in your state of health, physical or mental, whatever age you are, whatever illness you're experiencing, you can return to a state of total balance and complete health.  You can reach a level of living that you probably didn't know was possible.  It is truly in your hands!  Just don't try to buy it in a box.