Simplifying Life

Joel and I have always agreed that we’d love to own only the amount of stuff we could fit in our car.

This is partly due to our gypsy nature, and partly because when we think of all the stuff we own, that stuff just feels so heavy. Like you can't get out from under it.

And do we really need a bunch of stuff (more than can fit in our car) to be happy?

I think Marie Kondo’s book is a great guide to answering this question.

Click photo for Amazon link

Click photo for Amazon link

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, it’s a really fun read, and it makes you want to get rid of well....EVERYTHING so that you can live in the joy and freedom that comes with a clutter free space!

Her one rule in determining what you keep is to ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?”

If yes, you keep it. If no, you ditch it.

Pretty simple! And oh how I love simple!

I've found this simplicity applies to food too.

My little routine of juice, salad, veggies and goat cheese keep my life so simple. I don’t have to do a lot of planning, I always know what to have on hand, and I’m always delightfully satisfied.

Even when I travel, a quick trip to the grocery store and I have everything I need in a few minutes.

My kids take a bit more creativity…..they actually make me think!  Imagine that! ;)

My detox routine is another no brainer. I decided a little while back that I couldn’t “feel like” moving on a daily basis, and I didn't want to have to make decisions about what I do. It had to be simple and non-negotiable!

Rain or shine now, I jump on my rebounder for 15 min, sauna for 45, shower and go! This little routine has been life changing for me.

Joel and I also dream about having a "uniform."  We're actually pretty close!

Each of us has 2 drawers and currently 2 wardrobe boxes of hanging clothes.  When you really like every piece of clothing and there's not that much, it's fun to get dressed.

Plus, what more does a girl need than a good pair of boyfriend jeans, and skin tight black leather pants?! Duh!

Attempting to de-clutter and creating routine, whether its what I wear, how I eat, or how I take care of myself has sparked big joy for me this year.

Maybe it's that 75% of what I own is in our garage because of our remodel, but at this point, I may just keep it there.  ;)

Keep it simple, and en-joy!

With so much love,