Sugar and Birthday Parties

Yesterday we celebrated my little boy’s 2nd birthday. It was the perfect combination of people we love, simple fun, and a beautiful day in the park!


So when I was thinking about what to have for dessert, I went with the best possible upgraded ingredients possible.

Truthfully, if I lived in a perfect world, I would never give my kids sugar.

BUT, that means I’d be living in a world without birthday parties and tradition and people I love. So THAT wouldn’t work.

But here’s how I see it. I don’t want my kids to have NO sugar, because I want their bodies to be able to handle sugar when they DO come into contact with it.

But I also don’t want sugar to be the end all be all, because, well, to be a total party pooper, sugar wreaks havoc in our 2015 human bodies…..especially if your human body is 2 feet tall and less than 30 pounds.

So for Colton’s 1st birthday we gave him a banana with a candle. He was perfectly happy, since he didn’t know the difference. We DID get quite a lot of backlash from people thinking we were depriving my 1 year old of a perfect birthday. But I was absolutely fine with my baby not ingesting dyed frosting, refined sugars and processed flour. Especially since he didn’t know the difference.

Now, THIS birthday, my boy is a little savvier and a cupcake would make him preeeeettttty excited. So we splurged. I made REAL chocolate cupcakes with REAL chocolate frosting made from real cocoa, organic sugar, organic flour, organic butter, and NO dyes. (Organic insures no pesticides, antibiotics or other gnarly additives.)

They were a hit!

We also had a piñata:

Here’s another great opportunity to upgrade treats. Instead of Snickers and M&M’s, we put in Annie’s organic fruit chews, Annie’s organic rabbit cookies, Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and Cliff bar Kids chocolate bars.

The kids came running, and were quickly wearing chocolate moustaches.

For me and my family, it’s always a balance. I try to make home an above average place for healthy foods, so that we can all splurge in the outside world.

Remember that the most important word is UPGRADE. Where do you or your family WANT to splurge and how can you make that splurge of the highest quality ingredients possible?!

With Halloween coming up, I’ll post some UPGRADED Halloween treats too!

Meanwhile, have a great week!

Much love,