Takeaways from our Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend Joel and I went to Stinson to celebrate our 9th anniversary!  (Eeek!  9?!) Wrapped in a cozy weekend with my favorite man at the beach were opportunities to walk our walk. Integrating healthy principles into fun, and deeply satisfying experiences is what making "health a lifestyle" is all about!

Here are some of my takeaways:

 1. Plan ahead.

The morning we left, I juiced 2 quarts of carrot, orange, ginger juice so that we could stay hydrated, light and energetic during the day.

We had reservations that night for a fabulous, 6 course, locally harvested meal and we wanted to savor each bite. And we did!  It was to die for.

 (If you’re ever in Pt. Reyes, hit up Sir and Stars.)

2. Be flexible!

As you might know, with 2 small kids, I seriously felt like we had about 17 half baked conversations to finish.  Not to mention a good life strategy session in us.  By the time we were done, we laughed, we cried (some of us more than others.  What?!)  and…….we were starving!

So we picked up my favorite snack from childhood.  Chips and guac!

A good, organic corn tortilla chip and fresh guacamole can be the perfect blend of a healthy and totally satisfying afternoon snack!

3. Pass the wine please.

A glass of red wine at the end of the day, can be such a lovely way to celebrate life.  If we’re going to enjoy a drink, red wine is at the top of the hierarchy.  Cheers!


4. Be kind to each other.

My grandmother, Mimi, always used to remind us to “Be kind to each other.”

I always thought that sounded so simple, and yet kinda' brilliant.   Come to find out, it is!

This week my Dad sent an article on kindness being a key in lasting relationships. 

Of course, Ellen DeGeneres says to be kind to one another at the end of every show….so…… that pretty much seals the deal for me.  ;)

5. Detox!

Joel and I had fun identifying what in our life isn’t working so that we can stay focused on what we truly love.  It’s saying “no,” in order to say a bigger and more energetic “YES!” 

I’ve always loved how Michelangelo would say that his job was to remove the excess marble in his statues, revealing the brilliant figures that were already there.

By getting rid of the excess waste, we make space for energy to flow.  (Detox anyone?!!!)

Have a great week, and sending much love!