The Morning After...

You know when you feel like you're in the flow?  You know when you've got crazy momentum and life is moving super fast, and you almost can't stop, and it feels great?

That's where I've been recently.  But then last night, I did  something I don't usually do.  My husband and I had a date night, but as the Universe would have it, he was sick, so we went and got massages and then he wanted to pick up some comforting chili for dinner.  I'm not a big chili girl, but they had this Turkey chili that sounded really good, so we stopped in.  

I should have known by the cowboy hats they were wearing, and the western bar decor that I wasn't in "Clean" land anymore.  But I was on a date with my husband, so I conceded.  Plus, they gave us these AMAZING deep fried potato chips, that were homemade, and came with a BBQ sauce that I almost leapt over the counter to consume.  

We went home, and ate our Turkey Chili and watched a movie.  

I woke up this morning and realized that all night I had been dreaming dreams of fear and abandonment.  Now i know most people might see this as a coincidence.  But this is pretty unusual for me.  I've been writing my dreams down lately, and this one was just recycled fear in all kinds of situations, over and over again.  I didn't understand it at first because I've been in such a flow.  But then I thought about what I ate right before I drifted into sleep.

That delicious Turkey chili was mainstream turkey, and who knows what else.  That turkey was raised on a mainstream turkey farm, loaded with antibiotics and hormones, and then slaughtered in the most efficient/mechanistic way possible.  When animals are slaughtered in this way, they release a bunch of fear inducing "fight or flight" hormone into their muscles right before they're killed.  Then we eat their muscles.  

Now I know many people wouldn't make this connection.  But how can we not?  Why would injecting ourselves with the chemical compounds of hormones that put an animal into "fear", not effect us?  Where would those chemicals go, and how does our body process them?   

There's not a lot of study on this subject, but the more clarity I get around myself and life, I realize that scientific evidence can be found to support almost anything.  We need more than just the tools we have at this moment in our evolution, to quantify something as true.  We need to use our guts, our instincts, our intuition.  As we get cleaner an clearer, this intuition grows stronger and we come to trust it as one of the most important tools for quantifying truth.

Hence, I'll be doing a little cleansing today.  A good enema, some juice, a sweat in the sauna...with the things I'm creating, there is no room for fear.  Today I'll be flooding my body and mind with light.  Liquid sunshine in the juice, some good books by enlightened authors, and the love of my family to restore the balance and invite the flow back in.

This is the ART of clean living.  I loved having chili in bed with my husband, didn't love the consequences of the chili on my mind, re-fill with love and light.  It's all good.  Date night AND peace of mind...check!