The Probiotic Question

Remodeling can throw you some major curveballs! But never did I expect my contractor to say this:

“Hey Natalie, my doctor told me I should take antibiotics? No, No! PRO-biotics! But I don’t want to take pills. What do you think?”

What do I think?! What do I think?! I think I’m about to talk your ear off. You may want to retract the question.

But what a great question it is!

Aren’t we all wondering this today? Probiotics have had such mass media attention, that we have to wonder, “Do I need these? Are they a fad? And what the heck are they?!”

Well my friends, here’s everything you need to know:

Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our gut. And…we need them!!!!!

Here’s a little more:

Probiotics are powerhouses that exist naturally in a human who has been vaginally birthed, breastfed, never had antibiotics, and eaten a completely natural, plant based diet. (Almost nobody.)

They are responsible for 70% of our immunity and 90% of our seratonin.

That means that if we don’t have enough (and almost nobody does) we have trouble fighting off colds and flus, sleeping, balancing our mood, regulating our digestion, etc.

However I understand not wanting to take pills. Generally, I don’t believe in supplements, mostly because there’s not enough evidence to support them.

But, probiotics I wholeheartedly recommend. We need these little guys! They can unlock the answer to so many of the big health issues we’re dealing with.

Here’s where we can find them:

In supplements, kefir, goat yogurt (I don’t recommend cow yogurt for its inflammatory effects,) kimchee and kombucha. I usually take a daily probiotic and enjoy lots of kombucha.

If you’re wanting to start a probiotic routine, I can’t encourage you enough. Just know that because probiotics are so widely advertised and manufactured, not all probiotics are the same.

Make sure you get a really good, high quality probiotic.

Here are my 2 favorites:

Dr. Ohira’s

Ascended health

With so much love and ever increasing health,