This Week's Detox Tip? INDULGE!

You got it, I said it...INDULGE!  Here's the deal ladies: we are ALL addicted to food.  It's comforting, and available, and delicious.  Let's just accept the fact that food will always be comforting, available and delicious.  Now, do we want our whole lives to be dictated by this addiction?  Not necessarily.  And the fact is, there are a lot of times when we actually LOVE food that's good for us.  A cool slice of watermelon, a baked sweet potato, a creamy avocado salad....I mean, these are some good eats too!  

As we incorporate all of this deliciously healthy food into our daily routine, our bodies will return to their natural wisdom, and we will organically crave healthier foods more often.  But every day, or every week, or at night, that craving is going to hit us so hard we can't see straight.  So you have 2 choices.  Either stock your house with "healthier" indulgences, like dark chocolate, TLC choc. chip cookies, Coconut Bliss Ice Cream, or have the exact thing you, a latte, ice cream.

It doesn't take you backwards.  It just gives your brain a little relief.  Ultimately you'll feel gross, or sick, and vow to have your Green Juice "first thing in the morning," and then your craving will come, and you'll indulge, and then you'll feel gross, and vow to have your Green Juice "first thing in the morning," and this will go on for awhile.

But one day you'll wake up and realize that you haven't had white flour products for weeks, or that you haven't really wanted to buy ice cream for awhile, or that pizza really doesn't do it for you anymore.  And THEN you'll start to trust the process of your own body.  You'll understand that by giving your body as much Live Food and cleansing as you have, you've given your body and mind the space to return to its own wisdom and balance. Indulgence, combined with a conscious, cleansing diet, is just part of the path to freedom!