Time to Sweat Our Asses Off!

Joel and I woke up this morning (on day 3 of our juice cleanse...but that's another post) ready to put together our new SAUNA!!! See the progression below.

Talk about brilliant construction, this thing was easier to put together than an IKEA bookcase. Just stand up the walls and latch. While Kilo played on a moving pad with some old toys we found in the garage, Mom and Dad got all geeked out on our newest detox tool.

The coolest thing about infrared saunas is that instead of heating up the air, the infrared waves heat the body from the inside, breaking up toxins, and allowing them to exit through sweat. Because the air doesn't get so hot, you can sit more comfortably for longer than you might in a dry sauna.

Parents with autistic kids, people with high levels of mercury, and people looking to detox are finding infrared saunas to be a key player in restoring health. They even work at the first signs of a cold. And high profile doctors like Mercola are backing them!

As I've been admiring our new sauna today (about every couple of hours) I've been thinking about my journey of detox. It's definitely been a journey. And sometimes it's hard....like day 3 of a juice fast when I really want a pizza and a glass of wine. But the miracle of cleansing is undeniable. It's ability to lift your thoughts and insights, the way it creates energy that makes you feel light, and young, the way your skin starts to glow, and your body takes a tighter shape. It's too good to indulge in A pizza that will taste amazing for about a minute, and result in me feeling heavy, sluggish, and bummed that I indulged.

Living clean really is amazing, and there are moments when I just want to scream it from the roof tops, "This is the answer!!!"

But for now, I'll put my boy to bed, slip into a little less clothing, and go sweat my ass off...