Veggie Garden Virgin Digs In!

Since we bought our house almost a year ago, I've had visions of home grown veggies dancing in my head. There are these great, useless patches of weeds/grass in front of our house that I've been dying to turn into a source of clean fuel and sustainability for our bodies and our earth.

Then the rains came down. And signs of spring started to appear. So I did what any veggie garden virgin would do...started digging. I didn't know how much to dig, or where exactly, but I figured by the time I really needed to answer that, my "Vegetable Gardens for Dummies" book would arrive via Amazon Prime.

And can I just say how totally invigorating it's been to dig up the earth? I feel so accomplished, you'd think I'd planted 10,000 trees to save a third world country. And though all I have to show for 2 days of manual labor looks like a small grave, I couldn't be happier.

As I dig, I go between visions of cucumbers, lettuce, and sunflowers and wondering if my next stab at the dirt is going to uncover some long buried family pet, or worse, forensic evidence. Either way, it's all kind of exciting.

But the most exciting part is that I'm actually creating a source of sustainable health and nutrition for my family. It's thrilling really, to feel the kind of empowerment that comes from growing your own food. Of course all I have is a small grave of dirt, but a girl can shovel of soil at a time.