Why I Don't Count Calories or Look at Nutrition Labels!

I'm going to say something that may receive a lot of push back, and that is totally fine.

Almost everything we've been taught by the health industry is off base!

Quite frankly….the health industry is confused.  They (we) are using the wrong language to talk about our bodies, our minds and what creates real health, and are therefore totally overwhelmed with misguided approaches and spending needless amounts of money on body and mind fixes.

First we are obsessed with finding the magic diet that will deliver the bodies we want.

And no doubt we HAVE to get the food thing right.

BUT, the right food to eat becomes simple and obvious, when we truly understood how our incredible bodies really work.

We are bio-electric beings.

Just as Einstein said, E=mc2Energy = matter.

So, these physical beings of ours are at the very core, energetic beings.

Meaning, when we look as deeply as we can at the human body, we see that it’s made up of atoms which are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.

These electrons are at the core of how well we’re functioning.

When we lose electrons, our atoms become free radicals, that lead to rapid aging, degeneration and disease.

When we have an abundance of electrons, we see RE-generation of our cells and tissues making us look younger, live stronger and feel super energetic.

Where do electrons come from?  Green juice, pure water, greens, fruits, plants, coconuts, seeds and nuts….in that order.

They also come from our environment – putting our bare feet in soil, in the sandy beach, in fresh water, sea water, “hugging” a tree, breathing in fresh air.

They increase when we do things that rid our body of stagnant energy and old waste– exercise, deep breathing, colonics, enemas, oral care, tongue scraping, infrared saunas…

Finally, we increase our electricity when we love, laugh, set boundaries, reduce stress, relax, have time with a great friend, spend time in silence, take care of ourselves.

If we could grasp the truth of what makes us thrive,  we could see that food, exercise, meditation, cleansing the body and stress reduction are all key pieces, but not for the mechanical reasons we think they are.

Very simply, they are getting rid of free radicals, increasing our bio-electric sphere and creating a body that can function at the highest level – a level most of us never even knew was possible.

Everything else: supplements, calories, protein, hormones, medications, these are words from an outdatedlanguage that we continue to try to make sense of.

But they are not the answers.  They may help in some cases based on how we use them and if they happen to increase our bio-electricity.  But of themselves, they don’t create lasting, extraordinary health.

Increasing our inner electricity is all we need to focus on.  This brings us spontaneous joy, naturally defined muscle, buzzing energy that regenerates instead of degenerates at every level.

Now, go get your buzz on!

Much much love,