World Peace starts in your Digestive Tract! WHAT?!

I know, I know!  It sounds crazy, but at a Peace Gathering I attended on 11-11-11, there was a beautiful Yogi who spoke and said that World Peace starts within, and more specifically, within our digestive tract.  He then said to the crowd what I feel like saying to you, "I know it seems unrelated, but stay with me."  He said that when our bodies are clean, clear, and purified, so are our minds, our thoughts, and our emotions.  At this point I had to keep myself from standing up and yelling, "AMEN my brother!!"  He went on...

He urged us to just imagine that what we are eating becomes our bones, our muscles, our brain, and to please consider that the quality of our food makes up the functioning of our bodies and our minds.  "Choose wisely, and with great consideration, your health and the health of the planet depend on it."  

Namaste Yogi Master!  I couldn't agree more.  And I'd go on to say that when we really get that our thoughts are directly related to the flow of our energy, and the vibrancy of our cells, and that both of these things are determined by the foods we eat, then we realize the POTENTIAL for Food to be the antidote to our inner chaos, our overwhelm, our stress, our depression, our insecurity, our playing small.  When we truly understand the power and the life force energy held within Live foods, we begin to trust that this whole "earth planet" was designed to give us everything we need.  

When we return to the natural wisdom of our bodies, the natural wisdom of the earth, and the natural wisdom and power of whole, live foods, we gain access to an inner peace, an inner bliss, and a profound communion with God that we were too blocked to see before.  So go get your "purification for peace" on with some Live Fresh Green Juice (liquid sunshine), an Avocado Salad, or even Sprouted Grain Toast with real organic butter.  Eating for peace is energizing, empowering, AND delicious!