You're Full of Shit

No really you are!  And so am I!  I’m talking poopy shit.  You know how you know?  It’s the acne, the insomnia, the low energy, the headaches, the depression, the asthma, the foggy brain, the ulcers, the colitis, the yeast, the cancer.

Okay, how annoyed are  you?  If you’re sane, you’re probably thinking that it’s ridiculous to blame all these things on one cause.  Especially when that cause is poop!  Who the hell is this chick?

I know.  I respect that this sounds irresponsible and crazy.  But if you’re still willing to read, please do.  Everyday we eat things that aren’t meant for our bodies.  Food additives, coloring, pesticides, hormones, GMO’s, starchy white flour void of its nutrient value.  When we ingest these things, our bodies can’t recognize them.  Some of them get treated like foreign invaders, causing a release of white blood cells and an over-reaction of the immune system.  Some of them take a lot of work to be digested and broken down, leaving us exhausted of natural energy.  Some of them don’t make it as far as the colon for elimination and so are stored in the cells and tissues of our bodies.

20,30, 40 + years of eating like this, or breathing it in, or ingesting it in medications creates a lot of unnecessary and toxic buildup in our bodies.  It slows us down.  It makes our fat cells bigger.  It gets in the way of easy communication between our bodily functions.  It sits in our brain.  It travels around our blood.

Okay, how do we know this?  There is a lot of conversation these days about detox.  But I’ll tell you, detox does not come in a bottle or a package.  Real detox is doing the work to actually pull this shit out of your body, freeing you from excess weight, bad moods, and illness.  We can literally pull it out with Colon Hydrotherapy.  Visit any reputable Colon Hydrotherapist, and they will tell you that the results people experience speak volumes.  When I am practicing this lifestyle, I am free and powerful.  My energy soars, my body takes a healthier and hard to explain shape, and my skin is frickin’ through the roof radiant!

People get beautiful, healthy, and amazingly vibrant in this way of life.  The physical changes are obvious.  Eczema, acne, rashes are a thing of the past.  Weight sheds.  People start to think clearly, and find themselves feeling naturally positive and happy.  All of this is the result of a series of colonics mixed with a diet full of fresh vegetable juices, salads, and healthy fats.  This food is the stuff that escorts the waste to the poop hole.  The scientific research has not been extensively paid for to validate or deny this, but the anecdotal evidence is so overwhelming.  If you really look at and listen to the people that combine this diet with colonics as a lifestyle, you will be a believer.  They are gorgeous, calm, grounded people.  This combination of lifestyle commitments can attain any physical or mental goal you have!

When you google colon hydrotherapy you’ll find lots of stuff on quack watch, you’ll see the government doesn’t recommend it, and lots of health practitioners refuse to support it.  There is a lot of fear around this very simple and powerful tool to complete health.  I hope it will be like all processes of discovering truth.  Dr. Mercola taught me that Truth has 3 stages: 1. It’s ridiculed  2. It’s violently opposed 3. It’s widely accepted as self evident.   My goal is that Colon Hydrotherapy will soon be accepted as self evident, and that everybody will have a unit at home!

Remember that Volvo Ad for Daytime Headlights?  It read, “People used to laugh at seatbelts too.”  Hmm?  No?  Okay, well whatever.  You’re full of shit.  Get a colonic.