Advent Cleanse - Day 1

Okay ya’ll, so the other day I asked myself...What are you devoted to?

Well, let me back up. I have this goal. I want to live powerfully, truthfully, and free. And I see my body as a first step.

If my physical body isn’t clean, strong, and functioning optimally, then my thoughts are affected, my mood is affected, the amount of patience I have with my kids is affected, the energy I have to nurture my marriage is affected, my creativity is affected, my sleep is affected, and most importantly, the desire to dig deep and live from the truth of my soul...well, I’m just not up for the challenge.

So, what am I devoted to?

Because lately, my body hurts, I’m craving all kinds of crack food like potato chips and snicker bars 🤦‍♀️ and too many mornings I have to force myself out of bed.

But I also know that it doesn’t take much to turn on my well-being.

The hardest thing about it is the discipline...the integrity of making every decision of every day in support of this burning desire I have to reclaim my power and live true to what I dream of being.

To...BE THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE in the world. time like the present...let’s call it an “Advent Cleanse”...a 30 day cleanse from today until Christmas! 🎄

Here are my rules - Daily: green juice, high fat smoothie and veggies, 10 minute meditation, enema and movement of SOME kind.

NO: meat, dairy (except grass fed butter), processed foods, alcohol, sugar, coffee, grains.

How hard will this be? Really freaking hard! But...reaching dreams and living powerfully is freaking hard. #Letsdothis