Here's the Deal on Dairy

I hesitate in saying this because I know people feel really strongly one way or another, but we also need the real information out there, especially for our kids. So here goes....

There is something we can all do to immediately improve our health that may seem counterintuitive.

Give up dairy!

I know this is tough because we've believed for so many years that milk is a foundational piece of our health. In reality, the opposite is true.

Unfortunately, milk is a very processed, sticky, and dead liquid.

In fact, no other species drinks milk past the age of 2, and certainly not from another species, and definitely not processed.

The calcium in cow's milk is not bioavailable, meaning it doesn’t have the right mineral makeup for us to absorb properly. And it’s been so heated, that the nutrients that are available have either been cooked out, or distorted so that they’re not a good match for our own bodies, making it a high sugar, and wonky fat intake.

This creates inflammation, and inflammation is at the source of chronic illness and pain including cancer, heart disease, and depression.

Since most of us (myself included) are addicted to creamy, white liquid, we can upgrade to goat dairy, nut or seed milk or coconut milk.

Or if you need a smaller transition step, make sure your milk is organic and the least processed version which is organic whole cream, half and half or whole milk.

If you're hesitant, try it for a couple weeks and see how you feel. The experience in your own body is always gold!