Welcome to The Academy!

I've designed these courses so that no matter where you are in the world, or what your schedule is, you can reclaim your health.  I believe that so much is possible for all of us, and it starts with a fully functioning mind and body!  Clean out your cells, and experience the sweetness of being fully alive!  Enjoy!


Free Shopping Guide

This Free Guide tells you exaclty which prodcuts in your kitchen you need to ditch, and how to replace them with upgraded products so that your kitchen is stocked with real food and delicious snacks! Includes a complete shopping list so you can just print and go!


3 Day Cleanse

Real, simple, and effective! With 3 levels to choose from, this complete cleansing program gives you every tool you need to reach your next level of health!


Upgrade Your Food, Upgrade Your Life Masterclass

This Masterclass walks you through exactly how to make healthy living a lifestyle! Forget confusing diets, and get re-educated on the simple but life changing practices to feeling fully alive everyday, including tips and tricks to navigating grocery shopping, cooking for a family, eating out, and surviving holidays. Sign up here so I can let you know as soon as enrollment opens!


Learn About Oils

On this page, I share all the ways that plant powered oils have become some of our favorite tools in our family's everyday healthy living!